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The Community Technology Program (CTP) provides a foundation for economic development and cooperative marketing. Many different organizations can utilize components from this system. Any organization trying to manage and support groups of businesses or members of an association can benefit from working together in a more seamless manner.
Central Reservations.
Book lodging and activities using our flexible engine. Allow anyone to tie into the system and book your inventory..
Community Calendaring
Our detailed event calendar supports online ticketing and provides unmatched detail for each event. Let your event promoters manage their own events!
Co-operative Ecommerce
ecomshare believes in the "power of many". Developing countries, or any region struggling....
Member Management
Give your members the ability to change their information at any time. Keep up to date with invoicing and lead management....
"Communities" take many forms yet often face similar challenges. Whether you are loose group of developing world businesses, members of a chamber of commerce, or a group of vendors in a certain market segment, the CTP can help aggregate your information and consolidate your technology needs. By sharing a common (and open!) technology base, all participants gain access to powerful tools on co-operative level allowing businesses to work alone and together as they see fit.

Our CTP has chiefly been deployed by cities as a economic development tool and by Chambers of Commerce in resort communities. By working within these existing business groupings, we are able to leverage lodging, activiites, service and retail sectors into new verticals while simultaneously giving members new tools to compete on their own. Association managers can access comprehensive data collection and analysis tools and manage memberships effortlessly. Information, lodging options, service offerings and actual products are aggregated and distributed to multiple outlets. Flexible commission models give community organizations the revenue to compete effectively.

Probably the most exciting application for our CTP model has as yet to be deployed. Though we have been in discussion with foundations in Costa Rica with regard to deploying the program on a regional model. This model not only provides sophisticated ecommerce and lodging availability programs but also co-ops with local retail businesses to offer products and services to international and local audiences. The open source tools used in the CTP and the freedom from annual CTP license fees also provides for remarkable educational opportunities as local students not only learn important skills but will also be able to mold and adapt the code base to evolve in any direction required. The result is a comprehensive technological foundation that is wholly owned by the community and NOT by a foreign technology conglomerate.

CTP Components. Each are designed as separate modules and can be added to your CTP as needed.

Modules include:

  • Central Reservations and Activity Bookings

  • Community Calendar with Event Booking Support

  • Cooperative Ecommerce

  • Member Managment

  • Kiosks and ATM

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