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Barney Treadway is the founder and acting CEO of ecomshare llc. Mr. Treadway has been active in technology development and company bootstrapping since 1994.
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Can one combine technology with anthropology? Economic development with culture preservation and enrichment? As ecomshare's founder, Barney Treadway has worked with ....
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ecomshare believes in the "power of many". Developing countries, or any region struggling....
1994: B.A. Video Production and Ethnographic Studies, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University. Minor in Anthropology. Two years of college level Spanish.

Produced several short films while at university including a live concert series for broadcast on the local community access channel.

Teaching Experience:
1995: Instructed 400 level Internet technology course to certified teachers. Course covered website creation, digital graphics and design applications, overview on servers and stylistic concepts. This class was the first of its kind offered at Western Washington University.

Work Experience

2000 – Current: Ecomshare Inc.
Founder and COO.

Ecomshare is an application development company specializing in e-marketing and e-commerce software and services allowing chambers of commerce, destination resorts, regional and special interest publications and similar communities to leverage their brand into the Internet marketplace. Ecomshare provides full-featured e-commerce, on-site and on-line marketing services, web design, hosting and consulting to both the communities, their merchant members and to individual businesses.

Mr. Treadway responsible for the development of each Ecomshare application and subsequent implementation. Ecomshare's innovative process of aggregating an entire community’s e-commerce activity offers many benefits:
Allows small- and medium-size businesses to compete against the large e-tailers by giving them powerful tools on a cooperative model.
Provides a single, secure point of sale used by all members of the community, dramatically reducing start-up and maintenance costs. The web interface and server side image management lets businesses participate without requiring third party software.
Allows merchants to easily package their products with those of complementary merchants, with corresponding revenue allocation.
Provides merchants with additional marketing opportunities including community-wide auctions and liquidations.
Extends marketing and customer interaction from occasional visits or seasonal periods to 24-7, 365 days a year.
Aggregates comprehensive data from the entire community’s e-commerce activity. A valuable resource for direct marketing, on-line marketing, partnering (inside and outside the community), as well as traditional market and product analysis.

Specific Ecomshare Applications:

Ecomshare's Community Commerce Application was the first application and still remains a cornerstone of Ecomshare's technology. This application provides an affordable, shared, secure e-commerce and advertising foundation for small to medium sized businesses. This shared model not only gives these businesses tools they couldn't afford individually but also lets them co-operatively market, easily package complementing products and services. This co-operation not only lets businesses compete but can create a competitive advantage over larger businesses.

In addition to the e-commerce features expected in a high-end system, our program also provides for simultaneous display and subsequent purchase of products and services through additional outlets. Outlets like a community website or terminals within a visitor center.

Certified Financial Gateway for direct access to credit and debit processing networks. This application allows Ecomshare to take a single transaction comprised of products and services from multiple merchants and seamlessly allocate it to each independent merchant account. This gateway is currently used in our e-commerce, point of sale, and used as an API by a third party, front desk hospitality software provider.

Last Minute Lodging allows a visitor center and partner websites to distribute lodging availability. Property management companies and individual lodges use web based tools to distribute availability to visitor centers, community kiosks, and for display on their own and affiliate websites. Just entering its third year, the Vail lodging program books over $1,00,000 each year.

Point of Sale Systems with unique website inventory synchronization. These systems leverage enterprise grade databases on a robust web server platform giving businesses a powerful and secure yet remarkably affordable point of sale solution. Internet connectivity is used to process credit card transactions internally giving increased performance at reduced cost. The Internet connection also provides e-commerce capability and allows for up to the minute off-site backups of each transaction.

Ecomshare has developed additional custom applications providing solutions for real estate companies to community wide event and calendaring.

1993-1998: Bluewater Productions
Bluewater Productions was a video production and Internet technology provider. Mr. Treadway started this company while still at university and sold it in 1998. Several notable projects follow:

The first comprehensive Internet marine advertising service was launched 1994. Mr. Treadway and his wife Maggie bootstrapped the concept from startup to hundreds of clients, millions of hits and a dominant player in marine marketplace. In addition to extensive nautical information, the Boatnet Marketplace featured products and services for many small and large companies (Bayliner) in the marine industry. As founders we were responsible for all aspects of business; design, production, databases, e-commerce systems, technology implementation, etc. Both Maggie Treadway and Mr. Treadway were retained by new owner to direct technology and train staff in Internet technology.

Archiving Early America
Consulted and acted as webmaster for Don Vitale, owner of a large collection of 18th century newspapers and historical documents. Mr.Treadway digitized 18th century newspapers and historical writings and presented them as high quality images on the Internet. The site was profiled in Wired Magazine, USA Today, Seattle Times, San Diego Union Tribune and the Digital Daily, a New York Times syndicate.

Hanford Health Information Network
Consultant and web-site publishing for the Hanford Health Information Network. The Network is a collaboration of the health agencies of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, along with nine Indian Nations. The Network was created to provide information on the known and potential health effects of the radioactive releases from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, located in south central Washington state, from 1944 to 1972. Mr. Treadway consulted and published recently released Department of Energy documents on behalf of the Network.

1994: Hubble Space Telescope CD-ROM Archive
Content manager, script writer and engineer for the project. The CD-ROM featured digitized NASA images and video in an educational program. Space Science Telescope Institute images were also used.

International Travel/Extended Stays:
1971-1976: Sumatra, Indonesia
1979-1983: Perth, W. Australia
1985-1986: Aberdeen, Scotland

Countries visited: Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, England, Canada, Mexico.
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