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We at Ecomshare Inc. have a committment to Open-Source application development. We believe in both the quality and the concept of open tools. Over 10 years experience in the Internet space has shown us that Open-Source products tend to have faster development cycles and quicker patch and upgrade support. When a group of users with in depth knowledge of a product are able to immediately diagnose and distribute answers, it makes for a safer and more robust end product.
The enterprise strength of Apache (dominant web server software) and MySQL (choice of NASA) combined with bulletproof email of Qmail and Linux OS give us the foundation to build reliable solutions of any scale.
Founder's Profile.
Can one combine technology with anthropology? Economic development with culture preservation and enrichment? As ecomshare's founder, Barney Treadway has worked with ....
Why Open Source?
What is Open Source? Why is it our choice? Why should it be yours?
Co-operative Models
ecomshare believes in the "power of many". Developing countries, or any region struggling....
Case Study: Getting rid of its Sun Solaris infrastructure and moving open source up the stack saved ETrade millions of dollars and changed how the company approaches development. For less than $10,000 (hardware) Etrade was able to upgrade response times by replacing quarter million dollar Sun servers with Linux. "Here's this little $4,000 box, playing, literally, with the big boys of computing and doing very, very well,"
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ecomshare is proud and confident in deploying MySQL databases for our community partners and clients. MySQL is trusted by the Department of Homeland Security, NASA, U.S. Census Bureau, CERN, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Suzuki and more. Check out more MySQL customers
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